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The meaning of our slogan "Dressing Awareness" is twofold: Being aware of what you dress and the action of "dressing" the consciousness of other people. Would you like to know why we chose it?...

Dressing (raising) awareness: We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to change the World for better, build a better place to live for our children... "Evolve"... That's why we don't pretend to send you a T-Shirt, we would like to deliver a message... and we would love that you take it everywhere and spread it among other people in a contagious way...

Being aware of what you dress: We are convinced of the urgency of a change in the way we exploit natural resources of the planet, to pursue "sustainability" and nature preservation at any cost, and doing it along with a drift in our socioeconomic and productive model towards other more ethical and fair. That's why the message delivered through our illustrations is as important as choosing the appropriate canvas:

  • Our shirts are made of 100% certified organic cotton grown with 95% rain watering
  • They are manufactured using 100% renewable green energy from wind and solar power (90% reduced Carbon Footprint)
  • Ethical trade and justice for workers
  • Our packaging is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • We do not deliver to "tax havens"


"The World is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

Our team


"If you want different outcomes, stop doing always the same" Albert Einstein

We are a handful of people with scarce resources, but inexhaustible enthusiasm, creativity, wit and persistency...

Some of us have been forced to "reinvent ourselves" following the devastation caused by whom pretend to impose an energy model based on the use of fossil fuel, an economic model based on financial speculation and an unfair social model based on the dismantling of the "Social Welfare". All the former at the time they make use of governmental institutions to facilitate tax evasions of big corporations and to ensure their profits subscribing endorsements at the name of tax-payers.

Those who embarked on this project share values such as environmental conservation, social justice advocacy and implementation of truly democratic government systems.

Citations célèbres

Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien


Le vrai signe de l'intelligence ne est pas la connaissance, mais l'imagination

Albert Einstein

Essayez le simple, idiot

Kelly Johnson

Toute personne qui n'a jamais fait une erreur n'a jamais essayé quelque chose de nouveau

Albert Einstein

Brandissant un stylo est d'être en guerre


Seules deux choses sont infinies, l'univers et la bêtise humaine, et je ne suis pas entièrement sûr de la première

Albert Einstein

Un bon mot ne prouve rien



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